How to revive your favorite false eyelashes – easy cleaning in 3 steps

How to revive your favorite false eyelashes – easy cleaning in 3 steps

Many people think that false eyelashes are disposable... but wait! We have a lifehack to extend the life of your favorite lashes and

make this beloved 33rd organ last longer than you expect.


What you will need…

- Cotton pad

- Makeup remover


It’s time to bring your false eyelashes back to life.


Used lashes always come with dirty stains from mascara and lash adhesive like in the picture below.



Here's the easiest way to clean your falsies:


1. Place the used lashes onto one end of a cotton pad and pour a small amount of makeup remover onto it.

TIP : Using water to clean mascara and adhesive stains will make the stains harder to remove. Peeling the adhesive straight out

without using makeup remover will also leave dirt and residue on the false eyelashes for further hygiene troubles.



2. Fold one end of the cotton pad onto the other and leave it for 30 seconds.


3. Unfold the cotton pad and gently remove all adhesive stain with your fingers. Now you can get rid of those hard-to-remove

stains easily.


4. Use tissue paper to absorb the leftover moisture and place the lashes back in the box for safekeeping. 


Voilà! Your favorite falsies will be back to life and all set like a new one.

How reusable your false eyelashes are depends on how well you clean and keep them after each use.

Hygiene is the key here, and poor hygiene won't just ruin your false eyelashes but also bring danger to your beautiful eye.

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